Surprise Moments

When a challenging situation works out in my favor I often feel an immense sense of satisfaction. This image is a perfect reflection of that simple fact. I was working on a very cloudy and overcast day with my only light source being an east facing window. The light was very pretty and soft, but also dim to say the least and all I had with me was ISO 100 speed film. So crossing my fingers, I set my Mamiya C330 on a tri-pod, opened up the aperture to f/2.8 and exposed the film at 1/8th of a second hoping beyond hope that the model I was working with could hold very still.

Thankfully out of four frames, one of them turned out really lovely. It may be a tad on the dark side but given the situation that is to be expected and even looks pretty great if I do say so myself. I am thankfully for the opportunity to work with both a very wide aperture and a longer shutter speed as well. It gives off a nice tiny touch of softness which works great for an image that is more or less a portrait. Last but not least, all the wonderful lines in the model's neck look particularly cool to me.