Warrior Rock Lighthouse

I was out hiking about a week ago, scouting around for new locations to use for photo shoots, and came across this wonderful gem out on the north end of a bird sanctuary just north of Portland. Evidently it is a light house called Warrior Rock and it was once used to help navigate ships around the Multnomah Channel into the city of Portland. 

The lighthouse itself was boarded up and sadly it looks like the stairs were removed from the side of the base so I was not able to climb up to the second tier or the top. I can totally get why they would do such a thing. I can picture kids finding it and using the tower as a springboard to jump into the nearby river, at which point one would surely hit their head and die. Still, it would be cool to be able to look out over the world from the top of an old lighthouse, even one as small as this. 

I took a few pictures to remind myself of what this place looked like and to motivate myself to make the trek out there again so I can do a proper photo shoot at this location. Even on a nice day there wasn't a soul in sight. I'm really looking forward to doing more with this soon!