Fresh From The Wash

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a roll of film goes through the washing machine and the dryer? Well take a look at these images you your curiosity should be quenched. 

I have a routine I go through pretty much every morning. Before I brush my teeth, or shower, or even start up a pot of coffee I walk out into my living room and pick out a roll of film I'm going to develop that day. Most of the time I put it in my pants pocket so while I walk around doing my daily routine I have a constant reminder I still need to get some darkroom work done.

With this particular roll I never got around to developing it before going to bed and in the laundry went my pants. It went through both the washing machine and the dryer and I didn't realize it until I went to fold my pants later on. On the outside it looked pretty much intact, but clearly the excessive heat, water, soap, etc really ran a ringer on the emulsion.

Strangely I actually kind of like the results. I wouldn't repeat this or recommend anyone else do it, but it became an unintentional and interesting experiment.