Classic Black & White

I'm staring to appreciate working with Kodak Tri-X a lot more than I used to. I realize that for a lot of people Tri-X has always been **the** classic black and white film, but I've often overlooked it in favor of Ilford, Foma, and back in the day, Fuji Neopan film.

My local camera shop recently had a sale on Tri-X stock so I bought some up and I've been liking the experience of working with it. It's not so much the final image that I appreciate about it (though that is nice too) but more the fact that when processing it at home Tri-X tends to dry really really flat and seperating the film from the backing paper is much cleaner than other brands. 

Funny the things one starts to appreciate as you get older. 

This image was made using a Mamiya 645e hand held with nothing but natural window light. The shoot itself was a bit impromptu as the model and I had planned on going outside but the weather was bitterly cold. It was one of those days that looks lovely outside, but the moment you step out your front door you realize all that gorgeous light and blue sky is the result of gale force winds that blow right through your body and straight to your bones. 

So indoor window light to the rescue!!