The Act of Looking

I've come to realize on more than one occasion these past few weeks how much I enjoy the act of looking at a photograph. That seems like such an obvious statement coming from a photographer but believe it or not its something I need to remind myself to do from time to time. I get so caught up in making my own work, in doing my own thing, that I forget there is a lot out there to feel inspired by, and to learn from.

I need to make more of a point to stop every so often and just observe. To stand back and remember what I like about photographs in general, not just my photographs. To make note of the fact that there are people creating photographs that I will never make nor would I even want to, but I can still appreciate them in hopefully the same way a person appreciates mine. 

Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to find that balance - both creating and watching and not teetering too far over to one side of the spectrum. It's a lesson I'm learning for myself right now and in a short time I can see the difference in the way I hold the camera to my eye.