A Close Frame

There are definitely times when I feel like I use this blog to post images I don't feel one hundred percent confident about. I suppose that makes sense when you consider the fact that I don't feel one hundred percent confident about the vast majority of the work that I do but that doesn't change the need to update an audience with fresh photographs at least a few times a week. There is no doubting the simple fact that it tests the nerves and my resolve that I will always be my harshest critic, which is in no way a bad thing. 

I remember when making these images feeling a strange desire to break my usual mold of going fairly wide with my framing. At the time I was on a nearly two year kick of pulling way out and stepping so far back that the models I worked with became just a tiny blip in the frame next to grand landscapes, trees, waterfalls, rocks, and even interior spaces. I still do that to a large degree, but these images were perhaps the first when I made a conscious effort to try something else. 

I first glance I cringed quite a bit wondering what the hell I was doing. Why did I cut off the model's arm so dramatically? Why did I make her head so starkly out of focus? Why!? WHY!! Ultimately all silly questions. I just did something different, at least for me anyway.