Getting It Done

My apologies if it seems like I've been ignoring this blog lately. I'm having very spotty internet access and currently waiting for a new provider to come hook up new service. In the meantime however I am hard at work in the darkroom and getting plenty of images done. It feels really good, but also highlights a fundamental struggle I've always had when it comes to making art.

Mamiya RZ67 w/Ilford HP5 Film

I'm never done. Not ever. The moment I make an image I like I want to make another one. The instant I've posted to my blog it is time to start writing a new one. Organizing pictures is an ongoing process. I could start printing all of my negatives today and wouldn't finish for decades. It feels daunting at times and makes me just want to throw up my hands, have a drink, and forget this whole art making business all together.

But really, that is the wrong attitude to have. Why should I ever finish? Who says there needs to be this golden moment of satisfaction when I feel this sense of relief that my work is done? Would I really truly want that? Probably not...