Ryonen In The Gorge

I have probably spent more time photographing out in the Columbia River Gorge more than any other location in the Pacific Northwest. For those who don’t know, it is a vast national scenic area that runs along the border of Oregon and Washington, its defining feature being the mighty Columbia River which runs down its center. I’ve been exploring this area for years now and taking pictures along the way and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what can be found.

I would say my only complaint about working in the Columbia River Gorge is the fact that it can often feel a little oppressive. I’ve long been the kind of a photographer that really likes wide open spaces. In the thick forests of the gorge the world is a lot more chaotic. Creeks and streams abound along with tall trees covered in moss. Jagged rocks are the norm and you never know what it is you’ll find lurking around any given corner. In some areas the trees are so thick you would never know if the sun even existed.

It can be quite the challenge to isolate your subject and make an image that doesn’t draw the eye in so many directions it will make your viewer dizzy. I enjoy it though and sometimes thrive doing something a little different.