8x10 Pinhole Negative

I've been scanning some old negatives this afternoon, mostly big giant 8x10 negatives made with a pinhole camera. I love working with huge negatives and I'm constantly amazed at how much detail and sharpness is captured in them, even when working with a pinhole camera. 

They are however a big giant time consuming pain in the ass. Each one takes roughly 20 minutes to scan and once it is scanned it takes about five minutes for my desktop to even open in the image. I guess it takes patience when working with large format film even when digitizing them. 

This image was made at the base of the Fremont bridge in Portland Oregon. It's a large industrial part of town, probably the only industrial part of Portland left complete with train yards and ship facilities. On the weekends it is largely empty, perfect for photographers who want to juxtapose a nude with some industrial imagery. 

Exposure was about five minutes in total on Ilford FP4 film.