Waterfalls Are Harder Than They Look!!

I just finished printing this image of Panther Creek Falls this evening. 

Panther Creek is easily one of my favorite places in all of the Pacific Northwest. It's really epic in person, roaring and raging and full of life. The hike to a good vantage point takes a person with a willingness to climb a bit and it isn't for the faint of heart. 

It is also happens to be one of the most difficult places to photograph. The light values are all over the place due to its placement in a dense forest. 

The top of the falls are high enough so that sunlight gleams off the cap where the water starts to cascade down the cliffside. However, the bottom of the falls are nestled below a lot of thick trees pooling up in areas with little to no natural light at all. It's really a nightmare situation for any photographer, especially someone working with film. 

Still, the difficulty doesn't keep me from trying and with this image I think I was somewhat successful, though I do still feel like the contrast is a bit high and a lot of detail, especially in the rock face, is lost. I'm thinking about making a big 16x20 print of this image though with the amount I need to dodge and burn I'm probably going to have to save that undertaking for an entire weekend when I have nothing else to do.