I rarely like to make thing complicated. I don't use make up artists or wardrobe specialists. Most of the time I don't even know what location I'm going to use until I get in the car and start heading toward it. I learned a long time ago that if I plan too much unforeseen obstacles will get in my way (rain, a crowd of people, an act of God...) leaving me frustrated and uncreative. 

So why fight such things? The important act is to just simply say, "today I'm going to take my camera out and make something!" The rest will work itself out, usually in ways you do not expect. Those are the best moments really. 

It was a cold and wintery day when I made this image. "Just lay to the side and stretch out your hand..." was the only instruction I gave to the model. A spontaneous thought in a spontaneous moment. She closed her eyes and obliged and I proceeded to take pictures of a hand for the next thirty minutes in every which way I knew how.

This one remains a favorite.