Just Barely

In yesterday's post I talked a little about squeezing out a decent exposure in soft window light. Looking at this image I feel like I might have spoken too soon. I remember this shoot well and quite frankly I'm surprised I managed to get anything at all.

It was pouring rain outside and barely any illumination was coming through the kitchen window. Despite that fact, it was still the best source of light in the house and I wasn't about to drag my equipment all over creation only to walk away empty handed. Luckily I had some Kodak Tri-X on me, my personal favorite film for push processing. I rated it all the way up to ISO 6400 and was still shooting on a tripod at about 1/15th of a second wide open at f/2.8.

I honestly didn't think anything would come out but lo and behold the result is a whole lot of grainy shadows and a bit of a dreamy atmosphere - sort of my cup of tea.