Camera Advertisement: Minolta SRT 101

One of my favorite things to do when I'm at thrift stores or used bookshops is to go through all the old magazines looking for camera advertisements. I have stacks of magazines at home, a lot of which I purchased purely for some old camera ad that caught my eye or that I found particularly clever. I thought it might be fun to pose some of them on my blog to share with other camera geeks like myself

It's only fitting that I start with an advertisement for the Minolta SRT line considering an SRT 101 is the very first camera I ever owned and used on any serious sort of level. What always strikes me about older advertisements from the seventies and earlier is how much text they were willing to include. That is pretty unheard of now days. What also strikes me about this one is the fact that they literally brag about the fact that you don't need to take the SRT 101 away from your eye in order to adjust the setting. YES!! I totally agree with the marketing folks here in the sense that this is something photographers like me want in a camera. 

Now all of that being said, I really have no idea what that guy is doing on the street. Is he praying? Does he have a death wish? Who the heck knows...