Light Leak Done Right!?

Every photographer knows the experience of being victim to your own equipment. Batteries fail, shutters stick, lenses get scratched, and of course, some cameras leak light. I've been pretty lucky with that last one only having one camera back in my life that was a serial light leaker. I think part of my luck is the fact that I primarily work in a place that is overcast about 80% of the year. When there is no sun, you don't get a lot of chances for your camera to leak light.

Recently I decided to take my Minolta SRT 101 out for a spin, just for old times sake. I have a very special relationship with that camera. It was the SLR my parents bought for me on my 16th birthday when I was hard at work in my first photography class. I still own it to this day and it still works beautifully. I don't work with it as much as I used to primarily because I don't work with 35mm film that often anymore. However, there will always be a bit of a special feeling when I pull it out and run a few rolls of film through it. 

On this particular roll, every frame came out just frame except for this one, which has an obvious light leak streaking through the image from right to left. I find it odd that the leak only happened on one frame but nothing else. What works for me however is the placement of the leak. It seems to fall in the perfect place, matching the lines of the figure as if I did this on purpose. 

So thank you trusty old Minolta. It seems when you have a problem, you show the effects in the best possible way.