I'm Still Snapping Away!

I apologize if it seems I haven't been keeping up with this website or with photography in general as of late. I've actually been photographing more than ever but a few career changes in my life have forced me to spend a lot less time on the internet. Ultimately that is probably a good thing. I'm not sure how much humans were really meant to spend hours and hours in front of computer screens.

One of the reasons I was drawn to photography in the first place was to get away from a virtual world and to instead ground myself in the real one right in front of me. 

I'm hoping to get a little bit better at balancing work time, play time, and updating the places on-line that I truly care about, like this website and my Patreon Page moving forward.

So with that in mind I present a photograph I made over the summer out int he Columbia River Gorge. This was a great little spot deep in a ravine that was off the beaten path quite a ways. I was especially enjoying it because the location was by and large in the shade. You can see in the background there was some pretty harsh sunlight that day and having the opportunity to work with more even lighting was a really nice break. 

This photograph was made with a Mamiya C300 TLR and Ilford FP4 Film. I would have actually preferred to have something a bit faster like Ilford HP5 on hand when working in a largely shaded area but I was expecting to work in brighter sunlight for the majority of the shoot.