Two Perspectives

Sometimes what I find most interesting about photography is the fact that the same image can mean something completely different to different viewers, or in this case even, the photographer.

For most people, this is going to be an average boring run of the mill photograph of a flower. But that isn’t what it is to me. To me it is an image of one of the happiest times of my life. Seeing this image brings back memories of salty air, the sound of air hockey pucks crashing back and forth, winter ales, and a stormy ocean. I think about hunting for a place to stay in a town booked up for the night and wondering how I got to where I found myself.

It brings back thoughts and hopes and reminders that perfect moments exist. Moments where the past doesn’t matter and the future isn’t even a concern. I look at this image and I think about muddy shoes and the skin on my hands turning red from cold and the cheeks on my face hurting from too many smiles and laughter. I think about Bob Dylan on the radio and realizing that acoustic guitars and rusty boats go hand in hand. 

That is what it means to me. To you it is still probably just a mediocre picture of a rose in the rain.

But hey, that is ok too.