Always Something Else

I already miss the cold. I realize I speak often about how exciting it is to finally come to spring or summer and having decent weather to make photographs in. However, looking back, despite the harsher conditions I think I do my best work in the cold foggy winters of the Pacific Northwest. 

But hey, that is really my "grass is always greener" mentality talking which is a roadblock I fall victim to a lot. I feel like creative types are particularly susceptible to it. After all, we could be doing our best work EVER if only a few simple X factors would just be different. The weather isn't good enough, or maybe our work space isn't quite complete. Or perhaps we are just short on money we'd like to dedicate to a project. Maybe there is truth to our excuses.

Maybe my work would be better if circumstances were more ideal. I kind of doubt it though. Adversity is ultimately a more powerful tool than ideal scenarios in which to work. Excuses boil down to well...just simple and pathetic excuses.