Darkroom Printing: Going Big!!

This may not be the most exciting or dynamic self portrait I've ever done, but I just felt the need to show off a little bit what I've been working on lately.

It is supremely satisfying walking into the darkroom at eight o'clock in the morning and finishing about ten hours later with some very nice and very large final prints in your hands. Granted, I took this photo about 24 hours after the prints had dried but still, I think you probably know what I mean. I'm a pretty simple guy, and no matter how many years I spend making prints it just doesn't get old. I also really enjoy the excuse to make big prints. Once a print of this size goes into a nice frame with a well cut matt it just begs to be put up on a wall.

In the meantime, I noticed Epson has recently come out with a new product they are calling Legacy Papers. Granted, these are inkjet papers and not silver gelatin paper designed for a wet darkroom but I'm still excited to give them a try, particularly the Baryta paper. Inkjet printing has really entered an interesting time with a huge amount of creative options to really compliment your images with surface types, thickness, tonal range, and more. I still like darkroom printing and that isn't going to change, but I'm also enjoying the creative opportunities on the other side of the spectrum.