Kiev 88 and a Portrait

I think one of my projects for the coming year is to figure out a way to adapt the Russian lens on my Kiev 88 (an Arsat 80mm f/2.8 for the record) onto another camera. I absolutely adore the way this piece of glass renders a portrait. When shot wide open or even at around f/4 there is a special sort of glow to it that works beautifully with human skin and the lines of a person's face. 

Unfortunately I cannot heap much praise on the rest of the camera. My copy of the Kiev 88 is a rather shoddy photographic machine at best. Every third roll of film or so the winding mechanism jams up. There is a light leak in one of the two film backs, and the shutter is incredibly inconsistent. I power through these frustrations simply because I like the lens, but my patience is starting to unravel a bit.

Maybe I'll bite the bullet and try out a Kiev 60 to see if I have better luck...