All The Way Back

Now here is an image that goes back quite a ways. I can tell by the frame borders on the negative this is from back in the time I was working a lot with a Hasselblad. I sort of referred to mine as more of a "Hassle"-blad because it was constantly giving me problems. Stuck aperture blades, jammed up film, light leaks, you name it. If it was something that could go wrong with an older film camera it probably did that little beast. 

I don't mean to bash Hasselblad's, I really don't. It's undeniable they are beautifully crafted machines. I just got really unlucky with mine. I also made this image on a roll of black and white film that was about fifteen years expired (and then waited another five or so to develop it) so overall it is a bit of a train wreck that yielded an image I rather enjoy.