Those Tiny Dots

I feel like a lot of the film I've been developing lately has been excessively grainy. I have a few theories as to why that is. Most likely the cause is the fact that I have rolls and rolls and rolls of film that often take me over a year if not longer to get around to developing. They sit around in a box through cold days, warm days, wet days, and dry days until I randomly pull one out and run it through a series of chemistry. 

Second, I think I've started to become a bit lazy when it comes to temperature control during the development process. It used to be that I would monitor the temperature of my water at every stage of the way, keeping things even throughout development, stop, and fix. Lately though, not so much knowing full well I'm going to get a bit more "texture" out of my results.

I'm sure at some point I'll go back to taking more care not to let my work go down the grainy dark-side, but for now I'm sort of embracing the look and the style for what it is. It's liberating and beautiful in its own way.