Stay Calm, Keep Shooting Film

I've been seeing a lot of alarmist articles on-line lately about the demise of analogue photography. I'm honestly a little perplexed by this considering they seem to be coinciding with some positive developments in the film industry. Kodak is bringing back a color slide film stock within the next year. Bergger has been steadily increasing the formats it offers with their Pancro 400 film (an excellent film btw if you get a chance to use it). Cinestill seems to be expanding into medium format which is AWESOME. I could go on but I think you get my drift. 

I suppose I shouldn't complain about such talk. After all, hearing about the future demise of film might inspire some people to use film stocks with a "now or never" attitude. That being said, I've been saying for years that so long as there is a market for film there will be someone who steps up to the plate and continues to make it. The question for me has never been "if" it will be available but more "how much" will it cost?  I truly wish I could see more people out there tackling that particular subject.  

This photograph was made with a Mamiya C330 on Ilford HP5 film. To this day Ilford HP5 is still my go to black and white film, even though I enjoy experimenting with other brands on occasion. You just can't beat it for tonal range, versatility, and sharpness.