A New Field of View

I’ve long been the kind of photographer that sticks with mostly one type of lens, what most of us would consider a “normal” prime. On occasion I’ll mix it up a bit and experiment with wide angles, but for the most part that just seems to work for me and I haven’t felt much of a reason to change it. I don’t like zoom lenses all that much and I much prefer the standard perspective one gets with a lens that closely matches the human eye.

But on this particular day I just got it in my head to be a little bit different. Instead of packing my regular 40mm or 50mm lens that goes along with the digital camera I decided to bring a short telephoto 90mm and an extreme wide 15mm. You know, just for laughs. It never hurts to mix things up a little and force yourself to work in a different way.

The above two images where taken by me leaning down in the grass at the exact same spot. One with the ultra-wide and one with the telephoto. I didn’t adjust my position at all and neither did the model with the exception of opening her eyes when my framing was closer in to the subject. I think it is a rather interesting experiment and shows off just how different two images can be when the only thing that changes is the field of view, nothing else. One tiny different and purposeful choice and the result is completely unique.