Expired Tri-X Film

I made this image with a roll of Kodak Tri-X film that was about twenty years expired. It was so expired an old that the cardboard box the film came in was deteriorate, brittle, and falling apart. I wouldn't be surprised if the film had been rained on, sat in a moldy basement, floated around in someone's camera bag, or who knows what in the decades it took for the roll to go from the Kodak factory to my camera.  

Prior to working with it I did a lot of reading on the internet on how to make the best use of incredibly expired film. A lot of people recommended lowering the ISO. Some people said it was imperative to over-develop it, some people said to under-develop it. Most everyone said I should expect increased grain, lower contrast, and general fogging of the emulsion. 

Ultimately however, I decided to not do a thing and just worked with the film at box speed and developed it like I always do. You know what? The image came out just fine. Or at least it came out well enough to get a nice looking scan!