Indie GoGo Campaign Launched!!

Ok folks, here is the thing. On December 30th, just a few days before the New Year, my car was broken into while fully loaded on a road trip. The back window of my car was smashed and a lot of gear was stolen including my workhorse cameras, laptop, lighting equipment, and more. The damage to my back window alone has already cost me $980 and I haven't even started to replace the lost equipment.  

Once word got out among my friends in the photography community I was strongly urged to start a crowd funding campaign to help recoup some of my losses. These items include two cameras, several lenses, a laptop computer, studio lights, etc. etc. 

As such, I've started a crowd funding campaign that can be found here:

Andrew Kaiser Photography on INDIE GO GO 

Now because I don't want to just hold out my hand and say "hey folks, give me money!!" I'm offering some really great print incentives at incredibly rock bottom prices for those who donate. These include exclusive Silver Gelatin Prints delivered to donors specifically photographed and printed after the completions of this campaign.

Whether you pity me or not, this is a really great deal for anyone who collects or admires fine art nude prints.