Road Portraits

I need to make time for a proper blog entry and I promise I will be doing so soon. Life has been busy as of late, especially after driving a couple thousand miles from Portland to Phoenix. It was a long and grueling journey spent with some amazing company. I'll have more pictures from the trip to post in the near future but in the meantime these two images stood out from the rest. 

If nothing else, they illustrate what tends to happen when you force someone to pose for a portrait in the early morning hours. I think the twenty hours of driving we had ahead of us was on both our minds, not to mention the drive through the desert still present in our memory. The result? A big giant yawn as I burned through frames of film.  

A little side note possibly worth mentioning, I've started to work with a 35mm rangefinder again. I've ignored my rangefinders for nearly two years now but recently decided to pick one of them up again. It feels good using such a small and precise instrument again.