Stop Thinking... Just Click!

So the first thing I'm sure many people are wondering when they read this post is, "why on earth is Andrew publishing a blurry shot of a girl putting on lipstick!?" It's a fair question and certainly not the kind of thing I put on this blog often. The truth however is, I adore snapshots. I always have.

Granted, I think "snapshot" is a very subjective term and the meaning can change from one photographer to the next (or one layman to the next for that matter). However, for me they are the images I take without thinking. The images I make when I just suddenly feel an urge to snap the shutter. It might be because I see something I believe will look beautiful on film. Or perhaps it's because I wanted to savor a moment. Or maybe I just wanted to be cute and make an image when someone wasn't looking.

I honestly can't think of a better reason to take a photograph.