Instant Moments

For many years I've been completely fascinated with Fuji Instant film, particularly the FP-100c variety. Even back in the day when Polaroid was still going strong, I always liked the Fuji stock better. The saturated color pallet is incredibly appealing to me and I especially the like ease in which one can rescue the negative side of the print, giving both a nice instant image and a long lasting color negative all in one shot. Don't believe me? Check out this tutorial to see just how easy it is!! In fact, the negative side gives off a look almost like a miniature watercolor painting which is ultra cool in my book.  

On a recent Friday evening I was spending time with one of the best photographers I know and we decided it would be fun to play around with a few frames. We didn't set up any grand lighting schemes, or travel any far off distances. Just a camera, a tri-pod, and a notion of making something new was all we needed. Sometimes I like that. Just making the exercise of taking a picture fun. It's sort of funny to me that it takes being the the presence of another photographer to make that happen. 

In order to "scan" the negatives I simply stuck them up against a window and took an image with a macro lens and a digital camera. I have a scanner that can do color negatives, but for some reason I like the look of this method better. Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to throw some lovely large negatives up against a bright window to admire them.

You know, small pleasures in life.