A Mamiya RB67, a Balcony, and a Nude

Cities can be such strange places. For the most part a person can walk about a city completely anonymous. Nobody will pay attention to your existence, even if they are looking right at you. However, put a camera in your hand and then suddenly things become a very different story. Put a camera in your hand and ad a naked girl to the scene and then A LOT of people will be paying attention to you. 

This image was made in the early morning hours outside of a hotel room on the balcony. I'm very surprised I managed to frame the image without a few eyes peeping back at us through the windows in the background. I don't know, maybe that would have made the image a little bit cooler. 

I photographed this with a Mamiya RB67, which is a camera I really loved but ultimately sold in favor of the Mamiya RZ67. Both are very similar cameras, but I liked the fact that the RZ67 was a bit lighter to handhold and was easier to fit with an instant back so I could work with Fuji FP-100c film. Now that Fuji has discontinued its peel apart film stocks I suppose the later reasoning is now moot.