A Forest

I've been thinking about images of trees today. Why? Well, because I've had "A Forest" by the Cure in my head all morning so naturally the only thing I want to write about and look at is thick tree trunks and dim natural light. I am just a simple creature after all. 

This does bring to mind however that I need to stop being lazy when it comes to working with larger film sizes. I made all of these images with a Mamiya RZ67 on medium format film, but I think they would have been better served going all the way up to 4x5 or even 8x10 sheet film sizes. Sure sure, hindsight is always the worst critic, especially when evaluating your own actions, but something I do often is look at an image I've made and in turn say to myself, "hmmm, I like it but I should have used XYZ camera instead..." 

It's tempting to call this a bad habit but honestly I don't think it is. Picking the appropriate tool for any particular situation is part of the job. What is a bad habit is not taking the right tool simply because I didn't feel like lugging around a bigger camera when I was perfectly capable of doing so.