A Little Heat Exhaustion

It's no secret that this summer has been hot. REALLY HOT! I honestly can't remember the last time we've had this many ninety degree and above days in a row here in the Pacific Northwest. 

To be completely honest, it has made things a little difficult on the photography front. Working with film in extreme heat can be a bit miserable. Shadows can look harsh and unflattering. The models you put in front of the camera appear sweaty and exhausted. Keeping light leaks from affecting your film and exercise in frustration. 

Now of course this doesn't mean I'm keeping all my gear packed away for the summer. Quite the opposite actually. It just means I'm having to rapidly change the way I think about making a photograph. Relying more on 35mm film for example, so I can work quickly before oppressive heat becomes overwhelming. Buying a whole lot more slow speed film (as opposed to my usual ISO 400) is another obvious change. Best of all, I get to scout out locations hear water, which you know, is never such a bad thing!