Mounted E-6 Slide Film

As I've mentioned a number of times on this blog, every so often I do like to work with slide film. For me it tends to happen most when I come across a stash of expired slide film I can get for cheap. What can I say? Fresh stock slide film is really expensive, and it is the one film type I have yet to master processing at home which means there is the added expense of having someone else do it for me.

Very rarely however do I bother with the expense of having my slide mounted. Never mind the fact that I can be a cheap bastard, I also don't own a slide projector so it is pretty tough for me to justify the time and expense of mounting my positive film. However, I have to admit that when I do I tend to really cherish the results. There is just something nice about holding a mounted slide in your hand and looking at it with light shining through the back, even if you are just holding it up to the light on your ceiling and not a proper slide projector.

It's like a little miniature treasure.

Pardon the crappy quality of the bottom image. It's pretty tough taking a macro shot of a slide while holding both the slide and the camera in your hand. lol.