Camera Advertisement: Canon F-1

I collect a lot of old camera advertisements. I find them to be a lot of fun to look at and it is interesting to see what features people considered to be important ten, twenty, thirty, even forty years ago. Some old advertisements are rather epic and beautiful, some are silly, and pretty much all of them are an interesting snapshot into time.

For the life of me, this particular ad for the Canon F-1 just confuses me.

Who on earth over at Canon thought it was a good idea to print an advertisement featuring a monkey taking a poop!!? I mean seriously, this is an image of a monkey lifting up its tail to more easily let a giant turd fall to the ground. It's either that or the monkey is lifting up its tail to show off its penis. I'm not sure I can really tell which it is. Either way, its an odd choice of an image to associate with the capabilities of a Canon F-1.  

I mean, I guess if wildlife oddities are your thing then Canon is telling you that the F-1 is the camera you are going to want to buy.