Long Landscapes on Film

Sometimes I like to take the long view in my photography. In fact, there are times when I will go on downright phases where that is all I do. Taking a step back and leaving my frame with a lot of negative space on purpose. Sometimes photography isn't about what is in the frame but more about what isn't. It's about giving a sense of scale to the place you are in, the space that you occupy, and how small you are within its walls. 

This photograph was made on Rooster Rock state beach which runs along the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. The river's tide was very low on this day which left us with a lot of room to walk along long stretches of empty beach heads with no sounds but the tiny echo of our footsteps in the wet sand. I used a Minolta SRT-101 for this shot with a 28mm lens attached on Fomapan 100 speed film.