Oregon Coast with a Mamiya RZ67

As soon as I finished writing my previous post reviewing the Mamiya RZ67 I went down into the darkroom and what popped out of the developing tank? I nice roll of film from the Oregon Coast that I shot with my Mamiya RZ67 of course! How nice is that?

Every one of these shots was done with the standard focal length 110mm f/2.8 lens. In fact, I think that was the only lens I brought with me on this trip. I was passenger number five in a Toyota Prius filled with camping gear for the weekend so I wanted to keep me camera equipment to a minimum. This also meant no tri-pod either. 

The first two images on this post were made on Ilford HP5 which tends to be my go to film when working with the RZ67. I like its versatility a lot. When I have plenty of light I can rate the film very comfortably at ISO 200 or when I want a little more speed I have no problem rating the film at ISO 400 or even ISO 800. This helps prevent the need to carry around a tri-pod, something I find myself less and less likely to want to do the older I get. 

With the last photograph seen above I made it on Fomapan 100 speed film, which is oddly a lot grainier and more prone to flair than 400 speed Ilford HP5. At least that is true when developed in Rodinal anyway. I suppose that is what I like about Fomapan film though. It really has that black and white film look from decades ago and I appreciate the way the shadows bunch up quickly. It adds a lot of drama at times.