Elation and Frustration

I absolutely love working with 8 x 10 film. I love the way the photographer needs to take his time and really think about making a single shot count. I love printing 8 x 10 film, laying out the massive negative flat against a sheet of paper, preserving every little detail onto silver gelatin paper. What I hate however is scanning 8 x 10 film!! During all my years of making images and working with film I have yet to get a decent scan of an 8 x 10 negative that retains just how beautiful it is. So much gets lost when digitizing it I often hem and haw over publishing it on-line at all.

This image was made with an 8 x 10 wooden pinhole camera I built by hand ages ago. Exposure time was about thirty seconds long, twenty of which contained the model in the scene and a continued ten seconds of exposure after she walked out of the frame. It actually looks a bit like a double exposure but in reality it is one continuous exposure with the scene changing slightly half way through the process.