Wide Open Contrast

More images from a recent trip to the Oregon Coast. This time every image was made on a roll of Ilford Pan F film, which I have to say straight away is not my favorite film stock on earth. While it can certainly be interesting to work with such a slow speed film in bright sunlight, enabling me to keep my apertures nice and wide, but I find the stock builds up contrast way too quickly for my liking. 

Every image here I developed about four degrees less than I normally do and agitated my film canister incredibly gently. Even after compensating the contrast is still a bit high and required a bit of photoshop work to tone it down. I do feel like the grain structure will look gorgeous in print though and to be completely fair, the roll of film was expired by about five years. 

All-in-all the textures at work here turned out lovely and I am pleased overall. One of these days I may try to work with Pan F and a film developer other than Rodinal that is more in tune with its low speed and high contrast nature. Until then however, I'll just be happy with what I get.