New Camera New Perspective

Thanks to the generosity of another local photographer I recently had the opportunity to try out a new camera - the Bronica GS-1. For those who aren't as geeky about cameras as I am, the GS-1 is a lovely medium format machine that was a staple for wedding photographers and portrait artists back in the heyday of film cameras before digital became the norm. 

I've long ignored Bronica's for several reasons. When I first started to take photography seriously they were quite expensive. Now days the prices have gone down but with Bronica being long out of business getting them repaired can be a bit of a challenge. Looking at this image however, I'm wondering why I let that stop me. The lens is soft in all the ways I like a lens to be soft. Crisp to look at but not unflattering and a bokeh that is pleasing to the eye. The perfect combination for figures and portraits.