Self Portraits

I would argue that self portraits are among the most difficult thing for any artist to do. Sure, it's easy to point the camera at other people and though on some level, if you are making an image, it is undoubtably a reflection of yourself. However, a self portrait is another thing entirely. You expose yourself as both the creator and the subject, and therefore every flaw and every critique of that image is yours to own in its entirety. Every reaction you receive to that image is yours and yours alone to cling to. 

Still, I think it is a healthy exercise that every photographer should do on occasion if for no other reason than the fact that it reminds you what it is like to be in front of the camera. It reminds you of that rush of fear one gets when a lens is pointed in your direction and you have to perform a certain way or let go of the walls you put up for yourself on a daily basis in order to capture a bit of the soul (cliche as all hell...but true). 

I've done a lot of self portraits over the years. Some I love, some I hate. All of them a reflection of who I was at the time for better or worse. Lately I've been doing them a bit more than usual as a sort of cathartic practice to coincide with some life changing events circling around me. Ultimately, I suppose it is better than sitting around and watching television!