Merrique: When Photography Is Easy

Most of the time photo shoots are hard. You spend hours and hours scheduling out the details in advance. Time, place, ideas, concept, long drives to locations, hikes, braving the weather, scouting out for on-lookers, working fast, sunburns and windchill.

Others times a photo shoot doesn't feel like work at all. It's more like just hanging out with a close friend and you just happen to have your camera with you. I always feel a little off during the later kind. My brain won't stop feeling guilty with the notion that making beautiful art shouldn't be this easy. Hanging out in a spa, chilling to Phil Collins on the radio, forgetting that the world is usually more than just a leisurely Wednesday afternoon.  

I've been working with St. Merrique for years. We've shared many great times together, and one or two hard moments as well. I consider her one of my greatest creative equals and no matter how many times I point the camera in her general direction I still get butterflies in my stomach. Perhaps more than any other model I work with I look for her approval on the images we make together. That is a powerful thing when you think about it and I wouldn't trade that friendship away for anything.