Imperial Red: Cold Be Damned!

"I can handle the cold," she told me, "but I would appreciate if we work fast!"

It was under those guidelines that I braved the windy elements with a model I had only just met, hoping that with a fifteen minute threshold of tolerance I could get some lovely images done.

Unfortunately for us, the Pacific Northwest had just experienced a windstorm of epic proportions and the temperatures outside were still reflecting that simple fact. In other words, it was frigid outside with the type of gusts you feel down to your very bones no matter how many layers you bundle up with. Fortunately, as with any model I am sure to get along just swimmingly with, Imperial Red agreed with me that a few minutes out in the blistering cold was far more fun that several hours in the comforts of a studio so we decided to brave the weather anyway.

As luck would have it however, the wind was nice enough to give us a good hour long window of blissful inactivity. With just a bit of sun to warm the skin, the session ended up being not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. I like it when mother nature is kind to me.