Sarah Pardini: Repetition Is Not a Sin

Every “type” of photography has its own inherent clichés. We are all guilty of employing them. Landscape photographers will always be fascinated with flowers. Street photographers will continue to find profound social commentary making portraits of the homeless. Fashion photographers will never abandon the curves and lines of a high heel shoe.

I’m not going to deny I’ve plopped a model next to a window with the blinds drawn more than once in my photographic career. It is easy to emphasize details and curves of the human body by splashing stark repetitive lines across the frame. I know I’m not the first photographer to realize this, and I certainly won’t be the last.

There is a part of me that wants to kick myself for running to safe ground when I feel like I’m out of ideas and another part of me that just doesn’t mind. After all, if something works and I can do it well, who really cares? Who am I to act like I am above anything? In the end, I’m just a guy with a camera and there are some things I photograph well, and some things I don’t.