Oregon Coast

Sometimes I don’t listen to my own advice. I set up a photo shoot the other day out on the Oregon Coast and for reason I can only describe as laziness on my part, arranged for a start time of about 10am. This meant getting out to the location by near 11am which meant blazing sunshine for the entire duration of the session. Now to be fair, I was expecting overcast weather on this particular day and immediately cursed mother nature when I woke up that morning to bright blue skies. I may be the only person on the planet who does this when the weather is beautiful.

The sun was so bright my eyes began to tear up anytime I brought the camera’s viewfinder up to my face and asking the poor model to do anything but tuck her head down toward the ground was an exercise in futility. To compound matters even further, it happened to me low tied, making the beach a wide open area of reflective sand and tide pools for miles on end.

However, by the looks of this image we certainly made the best of it and ultimately walked away with some photographs that I’m quite happy with.