Nude and Window Light

There is just something nice about a photo session that seems to create itself. A nude with perfect window light, a little spark of inspiration, and a Pandora station that seems to do no wrong all combine together to make something I couldn’t be more pleased with. It’s those moments that keep me going as a photographer. For every ten bad sessions, there will be that one that defies my expectations and reminds me why I keep doing this – day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Most of the time, when the weather begins to turn cold I start to look upon the next several months with a bit of dread. After all, I think I do my best work in the outdoors, exploring new places, integrating my subjects into the landscape. Generally speaking, that attitude is probably never going to change for me. However, lately I’m not going to deny I’m enjoying the exploration of a simple stream of subdued light through a window and seeing how far I can take that.

It can at times feel like I’m taking the same image over and over again, but when you look at pictures as much as I do you appreciate tiny differences from one image to the next. The tiny way a certain time of day will change the way light illuminates the figure. The demeanor of your model. The way a song playing in the background inspired you to compose an image just a little differently.

So please Mother Nature, bring on the cold. I welcome as much of it as you’re willing to give me.