Jacs Fishburne: Become the Rock

I admit I was having a rough go of it when it came to working with film on this particular day. It seemed like no matter what interested me, the location was at such an angle relative to the sun that looking through the waist level finder of my Mamiya C330 was a glaring and difficult exercise at best. As much as I love composing images on ground glass, there are times when modern viewfinders have their advantages.

Also, like an idiot, I brought with me a full bag of ISO 400 film save for one roll of Ilford FP4 (rated at ISO 120 for those who are curious). For some reason I figured I would be working in canyons and high cliff sides covered in shadow, not out in full sunlight most of the afternoon. I have a couple decades under my belt working with film and I am still at the mercy of my surroundings it seems. I know it seems backward, but bright sun, hot weather, and warm colors really are the bane of my creative existence.

Still, we managed to make it work and I loved the way this random rock stuck out in the middle of a trail like a miniature pyramid. It was the perfect backdrop for the model to curl up like a corkscrew and do her best impression of a pretzel.