End of Nude Beach

During the summer I tend to avoid nude beaches for photo shoots. It is really tempting to use them all the time due to the fact that nudity is accepted and even encouraged, but I just hate being that guy who pulls out a camera while everyone around you is trying to enjoy a nice day on the beach without fear of being photographed or leered at.

However on this particular day I made an exception because as one can tell in this image, there simply was no beach!! A rarity during the warm summer months, the tide on the local river rose to absurdly high levels completely swallowing the beach whole. What was once a wide stretch of sand populated by locals playing volley ball, cooking burgers, and enjoying the summer sun was now nothing but water. It was an eerie scene looking at all the sign posts jetting out of the water as if they were waiting for someone to come along and rescue them.

I was only able to take along my tiny Bessa rangefinder and one roll of 35mm because there was nowhere to put a camera bag down to change out a roll of film without it getting wet. Thankfully 24 frames is usually enough for me, especially when the weather is cooperating and the model doesn’t mind wading through a flooded terrain.