Catriona: Just Make It Work!

This image will always remind me of the fact that you don’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment or perfect circumstances to make a wonderful picture.

At this point in time the only two things of importance I had to my name was a used Canon 20D I bought off of ebay and a bus pass. I had just moved to Portland from the California Bay Area and I hardly knew a soul. I had no connections, no knowledge of my surroundings, no locations scouted out, and no real plan. I met Catriona through what I believe was a craigslist ad looking for models and just about the only promise I could make when it came to a photo shoot was that we would take a walk with camera in tow and just see where we ended up. It was a day where nothing turned out right. You’d never know it looking at this image, but it was pouring rain, buses ran late, and too many people lingered around every single interesting spot we came across.

Eventually we found ourselves down near the train yards where we spotted a group of giant containers. “Try climbing up in there” I said to Catriona and she dutifully agreed. As I took a step back to get the entire structure into view I noticed a flock of birds flying overhead. Without knowing what I spied above her Catriona spread her arms out like the wings of a bird and I knew that was the image that was going to make the whole day worth it. I must have taken the same frame over fifty times while she stood there completely still, just hoping I would get one with a bird in perfect flight across the negative space at the top of the frame.

In the end, despite fate telling us we should quit, we made it all work.