Cathedral Park

I’ve long been fascinated by the architecture in Cathedral Park on the northern edge of Portland. The St. Johns Bridge has the shape and form of an old gothic church and without a doubt favors form over function. Of all the bridges in Portland, it is the least accessible, the hardest to walk on, and nearly impossible to travel across by bicycle – and yet it is arguably the prettiest and certainly the most photographed.

For several months I strategized on how exactly I could incorporate a nude into this structure. It wasn’t an issue of how I wanted to compose an image mind you, but more how was I going to get away with it? Cathedral Park is typically heavily populated with joggers, dog walkers, and families with children trying to enjoy a pleasant afternoon. Not the easiest of locations. However, there is one day out of the year when most people never leave their house, and if they do it is only for a quick trip to the grocery store. Not, it isn’t Christmas or Thanksgiving. It isn’t New Years Day nor is it the first day of the school year.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

If you ever want to get away with photographing a nude in a risky location, take my word for it, Super Bowl Sunday is the day to make it happen.