That One Body Part

If there is one body part I ignore the most it is probably a person’s feet. I don’t have any sort of obsession with them in the same way that I do human hands. I don’t find them delicate, or unique, nor do I find that they hold any characteristics that tell me about a person’s history or life. I think in my brain they are a purely functional appendage with little to no aesthetic value at all.

Dirty feet aren't uncommon around these parts...

But then I make an image like this and I almost change my mind. I start to think, “hey, maybe I’ve been closed minded about those ten little digits for decades!!” There is a beauty there that I’ve been ignoring in my own library of work. Something innocent and yet forbidden. Something powerful. Something we don’t always pay attention to. It goes to show that as an artist I can work with one subject and one medium for years, decades even, and still find little surprises along the way that I never could see myself being fascinated with. That is a truly wonderful thing when you think about it.

Honestly, despite how much I enjoy this image, I don’t believe I’ll ever become obsessed with feet. But who knows, perhaps one day I’ll change my mind.