Photographs On The Fly

I had some pretty grand plans for this particular shoot that unfortunately didn't quite materialize. I was going to make some photographs down on a stretch of beach where someone had made some interesting rock sculptures just north of town. I recruited a model who was willing to head out to the location right at sunrise and we were going to take advantage of some of the wonderful golden light that we get around these parts in the fall.

Unfortunately when we got to the location there was a guy marching up and down the beach with a six pack of beer (this was 6:00am folks!) and before we even attempted to make some images he started yelling at us and shouting incredibly sexist and inappropriate comments our direction aimed particularly at the model from about twenty feet away. Things like, "oh hey baby, are you sticking around!?" while simultaneously whistling and acting like a fool.

So needless to say we didn't stick around and swiftly exited the scene. As much as I wanted to make a particular image that day I wasn't about to ask anyone to work in that situation. Instead we made our way down a small walking path that wasn't too far away and did some photos amongst the tall trees. Luckily I had brought some black and white film with me as well which worked nicely in the more secluded setting.